Dominik – Male Escort

Have you ever had that feeling in your everyday life that you are missing something, no matter what you do?
Do you want to experience something real, a real pleasure?
Do you want to experience the unknown, new, exciting?
Are you missing love, tenderness, romance, thoughtfulness, somebody to listen to you, embrace or caress you?
Would you like to hold your hand with someone, go out to the cinema, have dinner or even a party?
Are you attracted by passion, eroticism, tension, sex, lust, adrenaline?
Then there is your companion
Dominik !

About me

Many men make mistakes to their partners that they don’t realize. Not because they wouldn’t care about them or wouldn’t love them. But because they don’t understand women. Sometimes even some women don’t understand their own desires. They don’t know how to release the tension that lies within them and replace it with happiness and strength. Men often forget to empathize with their partner and not get into their own feelings. When they make love, they look too much at themselves, ejaculation, or worse, tomorrow’s work.

The woman then feels it and cannot relax and fully indulge in the man. Thus, her energy remains hidden somewhere inside, sex becomes routine or disappears completely from the relationship. We forget what all lovemaking can actually bring to us and forget to experience it to the fullest.

 Don’t let your strength hide within you, let it spill into your whole body and fill your life energy as a generous flood of pleasure, dissolve your worries and fully enjoy the feeling. Emotional settings are much more important than the sex technique itself, which many men do not realize. Orgasm should flood your body as a stream of light, open your heart, revitalize your energy and bring unrecognized welfare. The woman does not achieve this alone, but thanks to the man who will pay attention to her. Every woman needs to occasionally „recharge the batteries“.

More about me with photos

And why do women pay for my services?



You can always soothe me when I’m miserable

Anett 31 yrs

You’re like an ionizer. Only with you I feel myself, just happy, I don’t have to have make-up or something and you still like how I look, that’s so cool!

Katie 34 yrs

I’ve never known anyone like that before. Charming, attentive yet amazing lover.

Ami 23 yrs

I have no words. You’re just amazing

Amanda 49 yrs

I still have butterflies in my stomach when I remember our first meeting. It was indescribable

Nela 62 yrs

I like traveling in the company of someone nice. After several meetings, I took Dominik to Seychelles. It was the best holiday in my life


His touch is so special. Dom can be gentle but passionate at the same time


It is really good one can rely on you. I most appreciate your discretion. I can feel totally free and yet I fully surrender to you

Nela 62 yrs

I finally found the right man!

Lili 38 yrs

Romance and passion. Caress, understanding, and exuberance. An explosion of emotions and tame in his manly arms. I love it

Michaela 70 yrs

Every moment with you is worth it

Ami 23 yrs

I gave my virginity to a real expert and it was perfect


In one word…perfect!

Tamara 51 yrs

Thanks to you, the spark has returned to my relationship and I feel 20 years younger

Helen 50 yrs

You reminded me of what it means to live. I’ll be grateful for that forever

Christina 41 yrs

Dominic is amazing as a man, as a companion. I enjoyed the evening with him, looking forward to the next one. And he smells amazing

Christina 41 yrs

Dominic’s character is kind, helpful and friendly. Sparks flickered from his eyes, and I couldn’t resist his seductive smile

Katarina 66 yrs

With you, every woman enters the unknown territory. I have been married for 35 years and I have never imagined that I can experience something like this at my age

Katarina 66 yrs

At first I was nervous, I had never been with a companion before. In the first seconds, you were so free that I soon forgot my initial embarrassment


He is an impeccable man, a gallant companion and an ideal companion to anywhere. With him, I felt something I was looking for in my life

Amanda 49 yrs

I spent the whole weekend with Dominik. And I can tell you, I found it not enough. I’m already planning to steal him somewhere to the sea. =)


This guy in the bed is like a tornado. I feel as if I had already forgotten where I had the G


I haven’t met such an all-rounder for a long time. He took me shopping, cooked an excellent dinner and helped fix the door. We went for a drink together and I tell you this guy knows how to dance. And I had no idea what was waiting for me at home, I dreamed of such sex in the most secret dreams


I can’t wait to see you again. I had already searched for a few gigolos, but nobody has what you got!


Just meeting him is an experience. But when you kiss him, your knees break down

La Carte

You may be wondering why such prices. It’s easy. I don’t want to have my “hands full” (or maybe rather full plate?=)). Every woman is unique to me and I treat here as such. And it takes a little more than just perfunctory care. Believe me, you’ll surely steal a little of my heart…


Starter *                         100 AUD
Just for the first meetings. If you’re not sure what to expect from our meeting, then we can only meet and maybe we will say good-bye. Even if we text each other, nothing can replace a personal meeting. Smells, looks, touches. All this can only be experienced personally. But if you want to enjoy our meeting straight away and you are not afraid to take a little step into the unknown, you can go straight ahead to the Main course. As they say, let’s regret only the things we didn’t do.

 * Since I plan to travel around Australia, this option counts only for the area where I am at the current time. However, there is no problem to get anywhere, but it is also necessary to take into account travel costs. Travel costs are 100 AUD / hour. This travel option then applies to all courses.

Main Courses

For ladies who know what they want

Tantric massage                   350 AUD/hour

Would you like a pleasant relaxing massage? You will lose your mind in the whirl of my magical touch. And why not to try something else, like tantra? Give yourself a little treat. I am a certified masseur and I will gladly show you what I can do with my hands and body. Which one of you has not experienced tantric massage yet, does not know what conscious male hand can do for magic. For many women, tantra massage is much more intense and deeper than sex itself. Be included in tenderness, care and love. We will interweave, break out of our own physical and emotional boundaries. We will feel empathy with such intensity that we will stop to realize ourselves. Heat, cold. Stress, relaxation. Candles, music, scents … and the two of us. When I used to massage professionally, most women weren’t able to lie still. But the rules of the salon said sexual service was a taboo. There are no taboos in my rules

Behind the closed door         350 AUD/hour


 Would you prefer to be pampered in any other way? Just say, I will fulfill your every wish. You can also leave it up to me and melt in the sensual moments of our shared intimacy. Nothing is forbidden. I will pamper you all evening and night so that you feel like in a fairy tale. You are the princess, come into my arms, and I will reveal to you the world with secrets that have been kept away from you. Everything is up to us, everything is just about us. Sex should not be a mere act. Learn to experience it as a cosmic gateway to the miracles of love and self-knowledge. Overcome the limits of maximum enjoyment and indulge in absolute pleasure.

If you like our mystic connection so much that you would like to spend all night with me, then you will be glad that this possibility is there. In that case, the price is one for the whole night, that is $ 4000. But then it doesn’t matter how long we spend together. You don’t have to worry about anything. And not even any other expenses, everything goes to me


And something bitter-sweet at the end…

Social event                     200 AUD/hour

Are you missing someone to bring with you to a company party? Have your dance partner got sick? Do you just want to go for a dance, have fun or do you prefer an evening strolling around the city? Are you bored being alone at the beach? Are you missing a hug? Have you not been laughing for a long time? This and much more can be found in this category. I will gladly take you sight-seeing, to the cinema or to the theater. I have a lot interests and it will be my pleasure to share them with you. I am a sports enthusiast, I will enjoy culture as well as night entertainment in the city. I love nature and being in it. So let’s get lost together in the woods. Or let’s make a trip with a romantic picnic during sunset. Let’s listen together to the ocean and leaves in the wind. I believe that whatever we choose, it will be an unusual experience for both of us

Therapy                            200 AUD/hour

Also suitable for men. Well, theoretically. To be honest I don’t have much experience in working with men and have never had anything with a man before. So that would be a little challenge for me.=) However, it is necessary to count with double rate, because for men it is rather above standard service, which I do not normally do.

I’m not a psychologist, but women like to talk to me because they know I can listen to them, advise them and keep their secrets safe. I like to hear their sorrows and joys. And most of all, I’m really interested. So why hire psychologists or worse go to a psychiatrist, why stifle anything in you. Your friends can’t help you or you don’t want to tell them, because you’re worried, what will they say? I will not judge you. I like to talk to you completely discreetly. Every one of us is a little worried. Don’t keep it to yourself. Happiness and bliss are hidden in everyone. Let me reveal where yours is. Not by eroticism, but also not in the therapy chair…

Do you feel unfulfilled? Do you have any fear or anxiety? Get to know your fear and dig into it. In all areas of your life. And get started right now. Every moment spent waiting for something is a missed moment..

 Do you feel resigned? Maybe you have only a closed door in your mind that just needs to be opened in the right direction to free your mind. Do you feel as if you shouldn’t deserve love? Do you experience failures or problems at your work, disappointment in relationships, whether friendly or partner, do you feel that you cannot grow and develop in life? Are you looking for the secret of a happy life?

Become a confident and purposeful woman, learn how to live with yourself. I will help you to wake up and commit to discover and live the deepest truth and meaning of your life. You’ll find love, whatever it means to you. And sense of your life. You’ll finally find out how life tastes! You will melt away in a flood of optimism, you will feel filled with satisfaction and joy, you will blossom and you will finally feel happy. Truly happy.

♥♥♥Chef’s Speciality♥♥♥

Intimate Communion            by agreement

Do you want to have something extra? Feel unique? Not to be alone? For some time … or even unlimited? Let’s explore together what sexual polarity between a man and a woman is, what it means to feel a real passion, tenderness, a true deep connection, let us lose ourselves together in the storm of our emotions. Let’s cry together, laugh. Each of us, whether man or woman, has qualities. Let’s reveal them without any restrictions and with no limits. Dissolve in my arms and enjoy the endless intoxication by love



Once upon a time…

One summer we celebrated with friends, my friend had a bachelor party. We organized a garden party for him, basically quite a little one. It was nice weather, no heat, a summer breeze was blowing. The garden was nicely decorated by the company we hired. The celebration seemed entertaining, but there was something missing. After all, it’s a bachelor party. Everyone was having a good time, but there was no spark that this kind of celebration should have.

Meeting the ocean

She was like the ocean. Free as the ocean, deep as the ocean, wild as the ocean, and as strong as the ocean. I loved her with all my body. I pushed her belly and chest against the wall showing her all my love, my breath connected with hers so she could slowly give up her tension and surrender to the love she had in her heart. I felt how she’s fully enjoying the moment. How her energy’s spurting.

Female power is like the power of life

Women are a blessing. Every woman is attractive in her own beauty. And every woman is beautiful in her own attraction. They radiate their feminine energy that resonates with our male one. Sometimes, however, their feminine energy is missing or just falling behind. It may then seem to fade away. It is not, however, that their femininity is lost. We need to show our interest to a woman by showing her loving affection.

You want

I was invited to one birthday party. I wasn’t told much in advance, but I’m used to improvise. And not knowing in advance every detail can also be interesting, I’m an inquisitive man. I was supposed to arrive at 18:00 to celebrate at a hut of one of those ladies. I was told to join the other guests and wait for further instructions. Suddenly a lady in red dress came over and handed me a hand. „You must be Dominik,“ she smiles at me. „Yes, I am,“ I answer.

Older women have their charisma

I’ve always claimed women are like wine. The older, the better. And also the more experience I have, the more I think I can value this quality. I feel kinda like a women’s sommelier. But not in a way of having so many of them. Exactly on the contrary. I enjoy every woman to the last sip as the best wine. I feel her energy fully, I perceive her, I respect her.

Sexy hitchhiker

I have to admit that this story took place a long time ago. Today, everything would go a little differently. Finally Friday and the weekend is in front of me. Now I am driving home on the highway, listening to the radio and looking forward to laying down on the couch where I can finally rest. It went quickly, the highway is behind me, half an hour on the little roads and I’m at the finish.

Women don't just want sex

When a man orders a companion, she is likely to be a girl with whom a man spends his time with sex. Such girls call themselves companions, but actually they are just more luxurious prostitutes. On the contrary, women very often do not want sex from a male companion at all, or at least it is not the only priority for them. A man usually feels satisfied if he is sexually satisfied.

The ideal of beauty

So, dear ladies, please, there is not such a thing. On Saturday, Katya called me to go to the water. I admit that I was pleased because I hadn’t been swimming for a long time. „Oh no, but I don’t have a swimsuit body,“ she suddenly became sad. I literally rolled my eyes. I wouldn’t expect such a prejudice from her. After all, who determines what is perfect and what is not. Most of my friends like it when there’s, if you pardon me, “a lot of meat to catch“.

What women want

I once read an article about a gigolo where a 21-year-old Indonesian gigolo claimed it was easy to be a gigolo. “Women tell us what they want, and we’ll give it to them. When they say they want a massage, we give them one.” What he doesn’t realize is that a woman never tells you exactly what her heart really desires. Female thinking is much more complicated and if you are not Mel Gibson in the movie What Women Want, then it is hard to tell what they really have in their minds.


I always enjoyed exercising and movement. I love sport but I am also open to various alternative ways to play around. I recently tried a new kind of yoga, I don’t even remember its name. Likewise, I heard about hot yoga, where it is practiced in 40 degrees. It must be interesting, to be honest. I got on the internet and found that there was even naked yoga. That got me interested. I’m kinda happy to move around naked, it feels like a good way to relax.

Perverted email

One evening, I was sitting on the doorstep of our cottage, watching the stars and enjoying my favorite drink – gin with tonic and cucumber. It occurred to me that I would look at my email as I often do it in the evening. I saw a new one on the screen. I was curious, I always have a nice tickle in my lower abdomen when someone new comes to me. It’s a strange feeling, blending curiosity with tension and excitement. A woman or a girl wrote to me. She wrote that she was missing a touch of a proper man.

A strange dream

I had a strange dream today. I sailed on the ship and the wind was blowing in my hair. It was lukewarm, tender, but at the same time it wanted to tell me something, as if it was trying to warn me or something. Then I found out what. A huge gale rose suddenly and threw me into the water. I only remember how everyone was calling and trying to catch me using a lifeline. But the waves were so powerful that they completely swallowed me. I started drowning. Panic.

Desired rape

Although only a few women admit it, most women have ever imagined rape. Their dark desire – to be forced to surrender – can then be embodied by that. But if such an experience is to be enjoyed, it must be based on trust at the same time. Which is not, if it is an actual rape.
 A woman must surrender to the strong current of the man’s love and give up all control. He will lovingly „force her“ to surrender to great ecstasy together. This can be a very liberating feeling.


I was a normal middle-aged woman, the more successful in my career, the worse I was in my personal life. That year, the court ended my many years of childless marriage to a man who had long since been alien to me, and I had finally begun to notice how much these years with him actually took away from me. Many friends surrounded the girl, who had been led by the father to the altar, had a lot of energy and appetite, great plans and hopes.


Let yourself be pampered. Give yourself the pleasure you deserve. Enjoy the luxury you are waiting for. I will listen to your look, you will taste my smell and I will touch your words and together we experience the utter confusion of our senses…

 When was the last time you did something for the first time?