I was a normal middle-aged woman, the more successful in my career, the worse I was in my personal life. That year, the court ended my many years of childless marriage to a man who had long since been alien to me, and I had finally begun to notice how much these years with him actually took away from me. Many friends surrounded the girl, who had been led by the father to the altar, had a lot of energy and appetite, great plans and hopes. The woman who was now signing the divorce papers was quite alone, the time inscribed in her face, and all her friends and expectations were lost by the isolated life of a successful businesswomen next to a failed man. It’s hard to get used to loneliness, and it’s gone downhill with me.
            The unexpected reversal came on the day when I had a corporate party before Christmas. I could no longer just go to work and then home, nothing in between that, I knew I needed a change. I started to regret this idea when my younger assistant asked me who would be accompanist. My stomach pulled back at the thought of my ex, and I realized that I would have to spend the party alone, surrounded by couples. The idea repelled me so much that I was thinking how to excuse myself form the party.
            In the evening, as I left the office, my eyes caught a seemingly small inconspicuous piece of paper falling on the ground in front of a darkened reception. I picked it up and stood in shock staring at the letters printed on the business card. Life was really playing with me. A business card, very eye-catching, belonged to a man named Dominik, and in particular one part caught my attention – the one on which there was a sign Companion. I pushed it quickly into my purse but kept thinking about whether to write him or not. But the mystery paper didn’t let me sleep, and I still had to think about writing to Dominik. One day I couldn’t stand it and I dialed a business card number. An irresistibly pleasant male voice came into the phone. I explained to him why I was calling and soon we were arranged. As soon as the call was over, a wave of joy flooded my body and I suddenly couldn’t wait to be at the party. That evening I was picked up by a taxi in which a very good-looking man in his thirties was sitting. His blue eyes glowed as he opened the car door and I felt like I haven’t for a long time.

            At the party, Dominic asked me to dance, and although I couldn’t dance, I turned to his gentle arms, let myself be lead and enjoy all the attention and tenderness this almost unknown man was giving to me. Finally, I again felt like a woman, not merely as a bland person around whom you would pass by not even knowing she exists.

            After the party he took me for a walk through the magical night city and we talked long into the night. I felt all the bitterness accumulated over the years leaving me and new blood pouring into my veins.
            That night he changed my life. Dominik helped me to go back to life, to feel wanted again and to appreciate myself. Sometimes you just need somebody to open your eyes