Desired rape

Although only a few women admit it, most women have ever imagined rape. Their dark desire – to be forced to surrender – can then be embodied by that. But if such an experience is to be enjoyed, it must be based on trust at the same time. Which is not, if it is an actual rape.
            A woman must surrender to the strong current of the man’s love and give up all control. He will lovingly „force her“ to surrender to great ecstasy together. This can be a very liberating feeling.
            I had to think a lot about this. All original wishes, but I had to be very careful. At first we were thinking about some interior. The hotel room, her apartment, anything that would give us 100% intimacy and privacy. But she had already experienced it, and after some time of planning and writing, the idea began to bore her and something else occurred to her. „And what about the forest?“ I read in the mail that came to my mailbox right after I told her we could try the exterior. Forest. We’d have to get out of town, but that wouldn’t be a problem. A possible group of uninvited passers-by, people with dogs, runners might be the deal… But I didn’t give up, I like challenges. I found a great place, not too far away from the city and, according to the experience of people on the web, a little busy. I’m still going to have to be careful, but after all, our plan no longer seemed so risky. It was enough to change the scenario to the new conditions, and that was it. I was slightly nervous, but in a playful way that seemed pleasant to me. We had to discuss all the details, be careful because this was more than just public sex. Much more. The last words from the last mail that came from her before I set off on the road were: „You can be very rough. I know you’re going to stay back, but don’t worry, I love it and we’ve agreed what happens when we cross the border. We have the stop sign. ”
            When I reached the place, I had a problem finding a car park we had agreed on. I knew the pub we talked about. I only saw a few customers, probably regular ones. One looked at me from the terrace, but then turned back to his friend, who sat across from him. So I went on, found a forest path that I hoped was the one I was looking for and started following it. The GPS on my phone showed me the direction and so far everything went smoothly, I met only one old lady with a muddy little dog on the way. I went about half an hour before I found the place I was looking for. I went out through the trees, out of the forest path, and after a short walk I came across another, narrower and much less used one. So I went on ot for another twenty minutes, starting to be slightly impatient, or excited, not sure. Finally. About a hundred yards away I saw a figure in a neon yellow jacket. I stopped for a moment. She was heading for me. So I started moving again, walking slowly, clutching a piece of rope in my pocket I’d taken according to the instructions. When we were close to each other, I saw her soft face, partly covered with hoods. She knew it was me, but she didn’t pay attention to me. Screenplay. I tried to be quietly unobtrusive, but I didn’t know what to imagine under the term she had written. Screenplay. When he was almost behind me, I turned and followed her. It was getting dark. Nobody anywhere. When I got to her, the game could start. I grabbed her from behind, roughly but carefully. I covered her mouth with my hand, felt her frantic breath and a moan that went through her lips. I pulled her through the trees, away from the forest path. I took her to the ground, opened the jacket, wrestled with her for a while before I could pull it off, and bit her throat. She sighed. I stopped for a moment, both lying still. I knew she liked it, but I needed to make sure everything was fine. I kissed her neck for a moment, then pulled a rope out of my pocket and tied her hands. I even did it just as she wanted. Her body was tossing in boundless ecstasy. She wore a knitted skirt that I easily rolled up. But it was too soon. We’ll play for a while before my lady gets a reward for her obedience. She still didn’t deserve it, still defending herself, but only here and there to give the script a credibility.
            It was already dark. The man on the pub porch finished the last beer and decided to go home when he saw the man he had seen the same day. This time he was not alone. He walked with a lady, his hand resting around her shoulders and laughing loudly. He quickly assessed their disheveled look. Were they fighting in that forest?