Female power is like the power of life


Women are a blessing. Every woman is attractive in her own beauty. And every woman is beautiful in her own attraction. They radiate their feminine energy that resonates with our male one. Sometimes, however, their feminine energy is missing or just falling behind. It may then seem to fade away. It is not, however, that their femininity is lost. We need to show our interest to a woman by showing her loving affection.
Eve asked me if I was going to dinner with her. From her emails, I soon recognized what Eve was missing. The men apparently circled around her all the time and she couldn’t choose one. All of them were lacking something what she wasn’t able to identify. Or was it even anything with those men? Or maybe with herself? Something still bothered her. She was a successful woman with everything she could wish for. But her career began to obscure her brain, and she was less and less indulging in the joy of life. She devoted herself to her clients, employees, boss. There was no time left for her.
            We met in the restaurant which she wanted to book by herself. It was obvious that she was comfortable with having everything under her thumb. When I arrived, she was already there. Very soon she started talking. She was accustomed to the mechanical formula of the evening, including no-word dinner, short cuddling, kiss, caress, insert, movement, ejaculate and snoring. Such a „relationship“ model did not deliver too much to her. I understood that it lacked a deep intimate sharing and the desire that should a man feel about a woman. She wanted to reveal her inner charms, which she might have almost forgotten about. Finding her female sexual nature again. Women are inspiring, just as a man should be an inspiration for a woman. If a woman does not feel that way, she suffers and might fade. Let’s look at women with both delight and sacred respect. They deserve it.
            I knew Eve needed to wake her heart. Discover the meaning of passionate manifestations of love, healing and beneficial sexual energy, and cultivating the heart. Surrendering to love and awakening to life her own essence in the bodily manifestations of love through sexual polarity. But it was clear to me that there was a female soul in her. It was completely gushing. But it was obvious that she was not aware of this, she was searching for it and could not work with it. I breathed in her scent and felt the surge of her energy. I felt her beauty. I felt her temper with every pore of my body. Every her smile had a beneficial effect on me. She had this spark in her eye. But there was some fatigue one could spot on her at the same time. I decided to light her up. I offered her a massage. And if you want to know what it’s like … =)