I always enjoyed exercising and movement. I love sport but I am also open to various alternative ways to play around. I recently tried a new kind of yoga, I don’t even remember its name. Likewise, I heard about hot yoga, where it is practiced in 40 degrees. It must be interesting, to be honest. I got on the internet and found that there was even naked yoga. That got me interested. I’m kinda happy to move around naked, it feels like a good way to relax. But this was different. Several times I was at various naturist events and I honestly didn’t even think of being excited about looking at other naked people. We were all naked, it seemed so natural to me. But this was different..the notion of heat, naked bodies writhing in all sorts of positions in meditation music… that was something. I thought I had to find out more about.
The very next day I was gonna go to the library to read about this topic. I came across a book of Kamasutra here. As I was flipping through it, frost ran across my body. I decided that I unconditionally had to learn something of those moves. It’s unbelievable how many different positions one can get while being still in the woman. I wanted to know more about it, I wanted to control it. So I found where to learn something like that. I searched for a woman who was going to dedicate me to the secrets of Kamasutra. I also imagined this as a mysterious salon styled into a Buddhist spirit. I arrived to the destination where we were supposed to meet. A nice elderly lady knocked on my shoulder. I turned and looked into her bright eyes. She introduced herself to me as Darina and invited me in. The meeting point turned out to be in front of her house. The apartment in the house looked ordinary. Nothing special, I thought. She offered me a chair in the kitchen and started to brew tea. She asked me what I was expecting from the meeting. In fact, I didn’t know what to expect. We talked for a while, sipping tea. She found out what my experience in sex was and what I liked. I tried to make myself more innocent. After all, I did not have much experience in this, according to the book from the library, there is quite a lot of the positions. We finished the tea, she took my hand and went somewhere in the back. I thought we were going to the bedroom, but she pulled me into a room that charmed me. No beds, just lots of blankets and pillows on the floor. Lighted candles, lavender scent blending with chocolate. She urged me to set aside and lit another candle and let go of the music. Before I could catch my breath, she was already standing in front of me naked. She had an amazing body. Seductive curves, full breasts and beautiful firm buttocks. It excited me immediately. She helped me with my shirt and as soon as she took it off, she clung to me with her breasts. I grabbed her by the butt and held her close to me. She kissed my neck and put me on the blanket. It turned out to be much softer than it seemed at first. She tied my eyes with a prepared scarf, and I was expecting what would happen next. She began to stroke my body with something, apparently some feather. It was incredibly teasing, even sinful. The smells, the music… and she. It wasn’t long before my pulsating penis loomed on my lap. Her touches on my body. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I wanted her. But I thought I’d let her play with me. After a while she took off my eye-patch, put protection on me professionally by her mouth, and sat down on me in a flash. She was looking at me like a wild cat, but this show only took a moment. Drowned by all this, I completely forgot that I was on the course of Kamasutra. I realized that when she turned from the cowgirl skillfully to another position, this time the Bold Rider. We just enjoyed it for a few seconds and I suddenly had her ass in front of my face. She shuddered with it that I had the feeling that if I just stuck out my tongue, she would be just good with that not needing me to do anything else than that. It went like this for about an hour. I had always already the feeling like I was going to have an orgasm, but she sensed it and changed position again or slowed it down. She was incredibly sexy. It was all madly exciting. And then it came. She knew she would cum in a moment, so she let me finally cum too. We had such a strong orgasm together that if they had any neighbors, they would have to be very envious. I had such a strong orgasm that it was fading away tens of seconds. She was sitting astride me, her legs behind my back, so we both relaxed in the other’s arms. She whispered in my ear that it was wonderful and that she was looking forward to the next time she would introduce me to other secrets of this art. That is because Kamasutra is definitely not just about positions.
When we said goodbye, we both knew it wasn’t the last time we saw each other. The money for the course was the best investment I’ve ever made.