Meeting the ocean


She was like the ocean. Free as the ocean, deep as the ocean, wild as the ocean, and as strong as the ocean. I loved her with all my body. I pushed her belly and chest against the wall showing her all my love, my breath connected with hers so she could slowly give up her tension and surrender to the love she had in her heart. I felt how she’s fully enjoying the moment. How her energy’s spurting. I could almost hear that energy. I opened myself and eagerly accepted it. I perceived absolute interconnection and liberation at the same time. My focus moved to a drop of sweat that ran down her face. I longed to lick it. She moaned. If it was possible, she pressed me even closer to herself. We both surrendered to the cosmic stream of love and energy. She touched my chest. I couldn’t resist and bit her throat a little. I heard a faint groan. She looked into my eyes and didn’t have to say anything. I knew she wanted it. I entered into her and felt a lightning flash through my body. Being in her body meant escaping from reality. Suddenly there was no outside world. It was just here and now. It was just her. In her full intensity. In her beauty. In her entirety. It seemed to me that time was running incredibly fast and slow at the same time. Heat, cold. Feeling strong and weak. Presence and simultaneous connection with the universe. Chaos and vigilance. It’s like surfing the ocean. I’m never gonna forget that feeling.