Older women have their charisma

I’ve always claimed women are like wine. The older, the better. And also the more experience I have, the more I think I can value this quality. I feel kinda like a women’s sommelier. But not in a way of having so many of them. Exactly on the contrary. I enjoy every woman to the last sip as the best wine. I feel her energy fully, I perceive her, I respect her.
 Sexual attraction of teens or very young ladies is a temporary manifestation of a deeper and more substantial quality of female energy: radiation. In youth, the body and soul learn to radiate this energy. They are confused, disoriented. It is already fully anchored in older women. It is the beauty of its depth. A woman becomes the Goddess with age. And only sentient men feel this. The frozen ones prefer young girls with a nice naive face. Deep female beauty does not fade away throughout the age. On the contrary, it can become even more pronounced and deepened with age. A single glance or touch filled with a mysterious feminine charm, regardless of the age of the woman, has enormous power.
When I get a message from a woman, it makes me curious and desire to meet her. But when I find out that this woman is mature, something indescribable arises in me. Just like this one when I got a mail from Olena. She wrote that she was alone for a long time. But as I read the other lines, it seemed to me that she was sad. I wanted to be with her. Hug her and hold tight. As I gradually found out, she has had many losses in her life that stroke her hard. But yet I knew that there was something sleeping in her that was waiting to be ignited. And I knew that regret was not what she expected from me. She is not writing to me to cause compassion in me. After a while of writing, we called each other. She had an incredibly attractive voice. She admitted to me that she was older and that she was looking for solace in the arms of a man with whom she could forget her sorrows. Already during the conversation it seemed to me that she was shaking. Suddenly the sad voice began to change and how she spoke to me as if she was gaining energy. I devoured every word of her and she seemed to be very pleased with the conversation with me. It didn’t take long for us to make an appointment. She said she would be wearing a red dress and I remembered when I was “little” when I used to have blind dates.

 She was waiting there. In beautiful red dress. She smiled at me and introduced herself to me. It was visible that she was glad to see me. I had a reservation in my favorite restaurant. Before the waiter brought us a menu, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was so beautiful. Her graceful curves were lined with the velvet of her dress, her beautiful blond hair under her shoulders, her lips luring to kiss. Her gaze was sliding back to me as she was chosing in the menu. I reached out and touched her hand. I could see that it upset her a little. We were both nicely nervous. Our dreaming was interrupted by a waiter asking what we would like to drink. I said thoughtlessly, „Red wine for the lady, and I will have it too.“ I winked at her and smiled and one could see that I disarmed her with that. She asked me how I knew she liked red. „I just know,“ I reply.

The initial slight nervousness soon disappeared and within moments we both felt totally ourselves. I constantly felt our connection deeper and deeper. She soon told me she felt the same. She was worried if she would be too old for me. And I just laughed that on contrary. I have not seen such an attractive and charismatic woman for a long time. We talked and laughed for hours. She told me how much she needed this. An easy and casual relationship with someone she can trust and whom she can confide with anything. And as she soon found out, she can really talk to me about anything she wanted to. Since that evening we had been meeting for dinners for a long time. Sometimes I also massaged her. But about that some other time … =) And today? Today, Olena has a happy relationship and a baby on the way. So far we have been friends and Olena is grateful to me that she had taken the courage to write me.