Perverted email

One evening, I was sitting on the doorstep of our cottage, watching the stars and enjoying my favorite drink – gin with tonic and cucumber. It occurred to me that I would look at my email as I often do it in the evening. I saw a new one on the screen. I was curious, I always have a nice tickle in my lower abdomen when someone new comes to me. It’s a strange feeling, blending curiosity with tension and excitement. A woman or a girl wrote to me. She wrote that she was missing a touch of a proper man. She wanted to get to know someone who would be able to catch her properly, tear her clothes off, put her on the bed and take her. We texted a few evenings, mostly quite dirty texts. Her imagination was hot. The personal meeting didn’t wait long.
            She wanted me to go to her home, so I rang the bell at eight o’clock at the door of her apartment. A charming young girl opened the door and shook me shyly to keep going inside. She had a nice tidy apartment. I kissed her on the cheek and dazzled her seductive scent. I wasn’t sure it was her perfume, or the natural smell of excitement that radiated from her. Yet it was obvious that she was shy. It was clear to me that, despite the perversity I knew about her, this evening would be just on me. How I was wrong when we drank some wine and she started to be relaxed. It was obvious that the role of the submissive cat still suited her, but she was definitely not shy anymore. Wine warmed us up, so we soon took off some clothes. Only the flames of candles illuminated the room, so it was not necessary for her shame to be carried on. Soon we both weren’t wearing anything and the talk wasn’t that much important suddenly. We lay down on the bed next to the chairs we were sitting on. She immediately clung to me. I stroked her back and scratched gently along the spine. I noticed that she was beginning to sigh gently. She had a breathtaking round ass that was tempted to press. Every time I approached her tushy, she held her breath. It was clear that this area was her erogenous zone. I liked it, I adore female butts. We kissed and cuddled for an hour, her graceful breasts clinging to my chest. We both wanted it, it was unbearable. But at the same time, as if something forced us to continue and postpone sex for now. I thought we were kind of provoking each other. I put her on her tummy and began to massage. She was holding meanwhile my dick behind her. It was extremely sexy. As I began to massage her butt, she squirmed under my arm like a snake and began to sigh louder. She liked it a lot. I stuck one finger carefully inside and twisted gently with him. She started twitching a little, so I just left it inside and slowly bent it towards her pussy. She was breathing really deeply. With my other hand, I padded her ass and occasionally slapped it a little. She seemed to be enjoying it. At one point, I grabbed her by the hair and pressed a finger inside her ass to the point, from which the G spot can be found across the thin wall. Her body twisted and she screamed very loud in a strong orgasm. When she calmed down again, I slowly pulled out my finger. It was really strange but apparently not impossible. Besides, there are even the anal hole massages, so why not *. My dick was still up like a pin. I didn’t let her breathe out for too long, and with the protection already on, I put it into her. She didn’t expect it, and she kind of yelled. I love these moments of surprise. I usually start slow to get a woman mad, but now I went for it. She really liked that. I thrust it down there to the root and fucked her wildly. She came after about ten seconds. I slowed for a moment and pulled it out. I rolled her on her back and moved my mouth to her gem. I played down there with my tongue for a while, but then I stuck my cock back inside of her. She wrapped her legs around me, and I grabbed her tightly. I picked her up and fucked her standing. Then I threw her on the bed and stood over her. She understood it. She sat down and started blowing me. She was also holding my butt. That seemed really pleasing. She was able to put it all in her throat. Wow.. At the same time she was jerking him with the other hand. I knew I would cum soon. That’s what she probably was about to make me do. But I didn’t want to yet. I put her back on the bed and put a pillow under her. I was fingering her sweet pussy with two fingers and watched her face expression. She was tired, but she was still horny, it was looking out of her eyes. I already wanted to be inside of her there again, when she suddenly shouted out her maybe tenth orgasm, this time spraying past the edge of the bed. I responded to it with a deep push. I watched her straight into the eyes while I fucked her as if I was racing. She scraped me in the back and screamed. She yelled „Do it!“ I came as her shrine closed. It was an incredibly strong and long orgasm. I felt like in paradise. In sexual paradise. I lay down beside her, and she put her head on my chest, and we both relieved. I knew this wasn’t the last time we met. After all, we haven’t even fulfilled all the wishes she told me about in her emails. I was replaying what it would be like next time. I am already looking forward to it and I think she is certainly too.


* Now I do them too.😊 As well as I learnt how to do an anal or vaginal mapping