Sexy hitchhiker

I have to admit that this story took place a long time ago. Today, everything would go a little differently.
Finally Friday and the weekend is in front of me. Now I am driving home on the highway, listening to the radio and looking forward to laying down on the couch where I can finally rest. It went quickly, the highway is behind me, half an hour on the little roads and I’m at the finish.

Suddenly a hitchhiker interrupted my journey home. „I could take her, we should all help each other.“, I’m thinking. And after all, at least my journey will go faster… I give the turn signal, slow down and turn it towards her. „The girl is pretty interesting“, I peek at her with a rearview mirror as she’s running towards me. I like adventure and hitchhiking always evokes the feeling of adventurer inside of me. „So where would it be?“, I asked first. „Anywhere!“ My new brown-haired passenger replied with a sweet voice. Interesting answer.

We got on well quite fast, talking as if we had known each other for years. It was actually pretty nice. She looked so relaxed and comfortable. She mentioned she has been travelling all over. „You and your boyfriend?“ I asked her. „Not really …“ she said a little confused again to me and put her hand on my thigh. Quite dangerously close to my crotch… I sat and nervously hawked. „What do you mean?“, I still didn’t understand as she mentioned some kind of a boyfriend earlier. „He’s a jerk … we had a fight. And he got drunk… and… ”she paused before continuing. „He cheated on me! Sucker! ”She said more angrily. „Oh, I’m sorry”, I tried to look compassionate. „I’m very angry with him!“, she continued. Then there was silence and I knew she was thinking about something. „How about it if there is a chance to return him?“, I suggested. „You know, I’m a gigolo.“ I told her. I knew this was exactly the kind of question she was waiting for.

 Suddenly something appeared in her eyes. Something mysterious and perverted. Her sweet and innocent look was gone long time ago. „Unzip your fly!“, she ordered. I didn’t protest. „Hmm, this one I like!“, she said contentedly as she saw my dick. She put a hand on him, and played with him gently. She unbuttoned her seat belt with her other hand. As she released herself, she moved closer to me. She lowered her head and sucked on my cock. I enjoyed her warm, wet mouth and barely managed to focus on driving. When I remember that, I can be glad we didn’t crash. She was able to blow really well and I almost had to close my eyes at the delightful moments.
„Look, here is such a nice place …“ she said, so I turned it to one of the rest areas, among which was a pile of trees, so it was not so easy to see there from the road. When I stopped, she jumped out of the car and I followed her. Meanwhile, she undressed, and as soon as I reached the passenger side door, she was already there waiting for me with her bare ass stuck out right to me. Legs out, but arms leaning on the seat. There was nothing to wait for, so I headed straight for her little cave. Mmm yeah, her sighs began to sound as I thrust into her.
„Here, make me some pictures for that asshole!“ She was handing me her cell phone from below. Well, the situation was making me really horny, and I enjoyed the idea of ​​how it would make him angry. But at the same time, I realized my principle of total bilateral discreetness. But I didn’t want to disappoint her, so I did some photos in the dark where she was going to know what was happening but also nobody could really see too much. That will make the boy wonder, he! „And now a video, I have one special idea …“ she said, turning to me, probably to see her face so that it was obvious that it was her. I turned on the recording. „Now shove it in my ass and keep recording! Just let him see what he missed, nerd one!“, she told me her „special“ idea. Well, whatever. The girl did not even say a word and held. „Woow, that is bananas!“, I thought. Her ass loosened easy. She was quite loud and I felt her orgasm coming. There was nothing to wait for, so I clenched all my muscles and savored the coming feelings. „Do me well and then cum on my ass, all right?“, she screamed her wish. Or was it an order? She didn’t even have to say that though, when she was coming, I came at the same time. The video may have been quite poor and actually there is not much to see (for which Im glad) but one could hear enough I’m sure so the purpose will certainly be met. After a few seconds of breathing, I looked at her. The girl looked like she was in heaven. Well, there’s no accounting for the taste …
 As from nowhere she appeared there, she disappeared. She just turned to me while leaving, „Thanks, see ya and bon voyage.“ I was still getting a little confused by what had just happened and before I was able to come to life, she was gone. When I sat back in the car, euro banks were rustling under me. Well, I guess this probably wasn’t a typical backpacker. But the experience was definitely interesting.