The ideal of beauty

So, dear ladies, please, there is not such a thing. On Saturday, Katya called me to go to the water. I admit that I was pleased because I hadn’t been swimming for a long time. „Oh no, but I don’t have a swimsuit body,“ she suddenly became sad. I literally rolled my eyes. I wouldn’t expect such a prejudice from her. After all, who determines what is perfect and what is not. Most of my friends like it when there’s, if you pardon me, “a lot of meat to catch“. Everyone has a taste. It is important that everyone likes himself or herself. And if that’s not the case, you can definitely work on it. I was persuading her for a while until she finally let go. I have never looked at the appearance of women as such a high priority. In every woman, I have always been able to find something to enchant me.

 When Katya came, her eyes sparkled and the sun reflected from her face. She had completely brightened up my day so beautiful. It was clear that we would enjoy the afternoon. And we also enjoyed it. I suggested to her that we could go for a bike ride first and reach the beach, which was a little further away. She agreed, so we got on the bikes that I had already booked. I took her to a beautiful bay where no one was. Our sweaty and hot bodies could have been completely revealed, and we threw ourselves into the water. We were frolicing at the water perhaps all afternoon, and at sunset we made love at the shore. It was amazing. The blush of dawn was replaced by a full moon, and millions of stars were flashing over our heads. Absolute silence interrupted only by the splashing of water. Our naked bodies weaved into each other until we finally fell asleep on the beach. Katie had forgotten long time ago that she had once been ashamed in front of me and I felt more than good knowing that she can feel as natural with me as I feel with her.