What women want

I once read an article about a gigolo where a 21-year-old Indonesian gigolo claimed it was easy to be a gigolo. “Women tell us what they want, and we’ll give it to them. When they say they want a massage, we give them one.” What he doesn’t realize is that a woman never tells you exactly what her heart really desires. Female thinking is much more complicated and if you are not Mel Gibson in the movie What Women Want, then it is hard to tell what they really have in their minds. I thought I would contact the young gigolo and ask him how he meant it.

We texted for a while and his answers really struck me. He was a nice but incredibly naive boy. But I thought I’d be a little collegial and give him some advice. Not that I thought of myself as a guru over women’s thinking, but it was necessary to undeceive him a bit. And even in terms of safety. For example, he didn’t mind not using protection when the client wanted it. He said he would save money and enjoy it more. I explained to him that the experience of sex is something completely different and that the principles of safety for him and for the client are extremely important. And above all, it is necessary to focus on the woman and not on himself only. After all, the woman’s delight is in itself a really satisfying feeling. And only if he is able to connect with the mind of a woman, he can detach himself more from his own with the conscious awareness of that connection. It needs to be empathetic, receptive. Listen carefully to the woman and try to make her feel the best. “Listen not only to her words but also to her movements. Feel her breathing, focus on her heartbeat, experience every her touch, and lovingly return it to her. Give everything to this moment, live it to the fullest.” I felt that how grateful he was for my advice. He asked how he could pay me back. I just smiled: „Give the women joy. After all, it is our goal, our mission. ”