Women don’t just want sex

When a man orders a companion, she is likely to be a girl with whom a man spends his time with sex. Such girls call themselves companions, but actually they are just more luxurious prostitutes. On the contrary, women very often do not want sex from a male companion at all, or at least it is not the only priority for them. A man usually feels satisfied if he is sexually satisfied. A woman wants more. And if a man can tune himself into the woman’s tone, he finds out that the primitive satisfaction in the form of a simple orgasm is just the tip of the notional iceberg and that the connection between a woman and a man can bring much more to both of them. Women know that. Perhaps even men will soon realize it.
            Sometimes I am contacted by women who say in advance that they do not want sex. The same thing happened a few weeks ago when I met a woman, I noticed at first sight that she missed touches, a human’s contact. Not that it would radiate from her that much but I simply sometimes feel those things. We agreed to meet once or twice a week for two hours, so that we would embrace, touch, pad and stroke each other. But she doesn’t want anything sexual in it. It is not easy for men to separate this. It is therefore important to feel the woman fully and perceive her. It’s called a touch in the present. You get away from everything and you’re here and now. I always try to focus entirely on the woman I am with. But here it is even more important. You are not interested in the fact that you are going to work tomorrow. It doesn’t matter that neighbors are arguing in the next door apartment or that a child is screaming in the street. You leave all thoughts and completely relax your mind. Close your eyes and slowly touch one another. First she accepts the touches and you give them. And then vice versa. It is an incredibly powerful exercise that can give you so much energy you wouldn’t expect.