You want?

I was invited to one birthday party. I wasn’t told much in advance, but I’m used to improvise. And not knowing in advance every detail can also be interesting, I’m an inquisitive man. I was supposed to arrive at 18:00 to celebrate at a hut of one of those ladies. I was told to join the other guests and wait for further instructions. Suddenly a lady in red dress came over and handed me a hand. „You must be Dominik,“ she smiles at me. „Yes, I am,“ I answer. She slipped a little box into my palm and gestured her head toward a young lady in a black robe with ruffles. „This is Jana, she celebrates her twentieth today and she has never had a guy before. We have put some money together with the girls and we would like to have you for her all night. It is possible that there even won’t be any sex, so please respect it, but in any case be gentle with her. ”I told her that this was a matter of course and I looked at the innocent lady nervously standing nearby. When I turned my head back, the red lady was gone.   I didn’t know what was in the box, but I thought it would be more interesting not to look. I headed toward Jane, smiled at her, and handed her a box of best wishes. When she opened the box, I still didn’t know what was in it. She just chuckled at me, her eyes twinkling. She threw herself into my arms and began to kiss me passionately. In a half-open box lying on the ground, I saw a note saying „You want?“. She took my hand and dragged me towards the smaller caravan standing on the very edge of the garden. We haven’t spoken a single word all the time. She opened the caravan and beckoned to go inside. She closed the door behind us and threw herself at me. She started tearing off all my clothes and I did from her. We kissed furiously. Soon the caravan began to swing to the rhythm of our thrusts. It was an untamed passion. We both came at the same time, it was indescribable. After about half an hour, we both slid down to a little bed. She didn’t seem to want another round, so I just gently stroked her hair and scratched her back. Tenderly? Oh yes, I forgot… it was probably the only tenderness that took place between us at that moment. Her friends are probably wrong about Jane. She fell asleep and when she woke up we did it two more times. Then we took a shot of Finnlandia, which was hidden in the refrigerator and returned to the party. “Be gentle to her”. Yeah, sure…:D